Author Visits and Road Trips



Neal’s U.S. speaking schedule is full through December 2018, but he’s now booking 2019. Please send your inquiries to

Mr. Shusterman’s fee is $4,000 per day in the U.S., and varies internationally. For a full day at a school, he will do up to three large group sessions, plus a small group workshop (or two larger sessions, and two smaller workshops). He is also occasionally asked to do late afternoon, or evening sessions that include parents and the community, for an additional fee. He also can divide his day between multiple schools.

His large group presentations are question driven, as he finds the kids tend to be more tuned-in when the presentation is interactive. Mr. Shusterman tailors his answers to make sure he hits the following topics:

  • When he first began writing, and the positive influence of school and teachers.
  • The various forms of writing he does — books, games, film and TV.
  • The importance of creativity and imagination in all aspects of life
  • The process of writing, and more importantly rewriting.
  • How the publishing and entertainment industries work — the process of creating a book, TV show or film, from the writer’s perspective.
  • The practical aspects of a career as a writer
  • Where ideas come from, using some of his own stories as examples.
  • Using a combination of experience, imagination, and research when writing.

The smaller workshops are brainstorming sessions, where Mr. Shusterman works with the kids to come up with their own stories. He also likes to set aside some time for autographing books. Please contact us if you’d like references.


(And yes, that’s Neal’s real license plate!)