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Edison’s Alley

Fourteen-year-old Nick has learned that the strange antiques in his attic bedroom were left there by the eccentric inventor Nikola Tesla. They are pieces of Tesla’s Far Range Energy Emitter, capable of transmitting “free energy” to the globe. Some components of the contraption are still missing, but the objects themselves seem to be leading Nick and his friends to their current owners.

However, members of the Accelerati, a menacing secret society of physicists, are on the hunt too, and their brazen leader, Dr. Alan Jorgenson, will stop at nothing to foil Nick and steal the objects. It takes a dangerous build-up of electromagnetic energy in the atmosphere to reverse everyone’s fortunes—and lead Nick to his destiny.

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  1. […] Edison’s Alley the second book of the Accelerati Trilogy, was published on February 10th! My co-writer, Eric Elfman and I, will be on tour speaking at schools, as well as visiting bookstores. […]

  2. Tracy Miitchell says:

    I’m a teacher at Sally K. Ride Ellementary in The Woodlands, Texas. I’m in a fourth grade book club for boys that got Tessla’s Attic to read. I, the librarian, and all of the boys LOVED it. Most of the boys read it in three or four days! The book club doesn’t meet until the 27th but they are already wanting to discuss it. One has already bought the second one with promises to pass it on to the others. My copy is on its way to me now. I wanted to let you know how much excitement and enthusiasm this series has brought. I think you have a new fan base here. Thank you for your great writing! Any idea when we might expect the final book?
    Tracy Mitchell

  3. Ester says:

    My son has just finished book 1 and woke up EARLY this morning to begin book 2 before getting ready for school. He is excited for book 3. I haven’t told him it’s not out yet. When will it be available???. He will be devastated when he find out it isn’t available, but excitedly anticipating…I’m sure. Will look into your other books while waiting.

    • admin says:

      @Ester and Tracy: Nothing’s been announced yet, but we’re shooting for Winter/Fall 2016. Will update you when I have concrete information from the publisher. Thanks for your interest!


  4. Sue says:

    My son (9 years old) was looking for a book series to call his own. We saw Tesla’s Attic in the bookstore and he said “ok”. He couldn’t put the book down! We HAD to buy Edison’s Alley as soon as it came out! Now, he can’t wait for book#3!

    Thank you!!!!!!!!

  5. Max says:

    Hi I’m from Singapore. May I know when will Edison’s Alley will be sold here?

  6. […] come find Eric Elfman and me in the Disney-Hyperion booth! We’ll be signing copies of EDISON’S ALLEY and TESLA’S ATTIC at Moscone Convention Center Exhibit Hall, Booth 1028 from 10:30am to […]

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