Hawking’s Hallway

Nick Slate, in order to protect his father and little brother, reluctantly must help the Accelerati complete Tesla’s great device. Their power-mad leader wants nothing less than to control the world’s energy—but there are still three missing objects to track down.

Nick’s friends can’t help him, as they are spread across the globe grappling with their own mysteries—with Vince in Scotland, Caitlin and Mitch on their way to New Jersey, and Petula’s whereabouts unknown. On his own, Nick must locate Tesla’s final inventions—which are the most powerful of all, capable of shattering time and collapsing space.

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9 Comments so far:

  1. Justin Rodriguez says:

    Do you plan to make any more books in the Tesla’s Attic series?

    • Neal says:

      No more books in the Accelerati Trilogy, but Eric Elfman and I are working on a new book series with a similar style and tone!

      • Not going to tell says:

        What is your next book title and please add more paradoxes like in the last trilogy with Enrico Fermi

      • Cameron says:

        Will it be following the events of Hawkins Hallway, because in the last chapter Vince comes into Beef O Rama and puts a something on the table and says Enrico Fermi, suggesting that there will be more action to follow. I really would like another book in this universe.

      • Jonthan Forge says:

        What does your reference to Enrico Fermi at the end of book 3, Hawking’s Hallway mean? Is there going to be a new book? (If so, I would be DYING to read it)

  2. Elke Schliermann-Kraus says:

    With the same characters, though? I was wondering, as there is a cliffhanger in the third part…

    • Neal says:

      It’s not a cliffhanger — it’s more like a wink. No more books in the series. Eric and I are working on a new series, though.

  3. Justin Nguyen says:

    Why didn’t you make one about Albert Einstein like it should be called Einstein’s Basement
    Or Einstein’s Cabin and btw thx for coming to my school sutter

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