• Mindtwisters: Stories to Shred Your Head (MindQuakes)

    Think bungee jumping is a thrill? Meet a kid who skydives down the funnel of a tornado.Why not visit the shop in the local mall that sells alternate universes in little bottles. It’s a lot of fun. Unless, of course, you open the little black bottle labeled “thermonuclear war.” Now that could be a real blast.Hungry? A roadside restaurant in the middle of nowhere serves up a soup so delicious you may never want to leave. Or can’t……Worried you might be turning people off? Well, how about the boy who must be locked up in a lead cell, otherwise people around him begin to disappear?Ever wonder what that evil neighbor of yours had got locked up in the attic? How about the entire world……Welcome to the world of MindTwisters. Hold on tight, you’re about to be blown away……

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From School Library Journal
Grade 6-9. Eight short stories that deal with the bizarre and the supernatural. Strange things begin to happen at a bowling alley when the ball is not returned, but a white cylinder with no holes comes out of the ball return. Alana can not get close to people, but anyone getting too close to Garrett disappears. Pizza that is delivered to a place down under; a shop that sells “what might have been”; and a restaurant that attracts clients with pea soup that is too good to pass up are some of the topics included in these compelling selections. All of them are sure to capture the interest of those who like Twilight Zone-like weirdness. Notes explain where the author got the inspiration for each story. Quick reading for fans of the genre.

Debbie Feulner, Northwest Middle School, Greensboro, NC
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