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    Red rides around his tough urban neighborhood in his blood red Mustang. It satisfies his urge to wander, and it usually keeps him safe from the gangs in town, the Wolves and the Crypts. But when Red’s grandmother is mugged by some members of the Wolves, Red can no long sit on the sidelines. He decides to join the Wolves as a pledge so he can learn how to defeat them. Soon he uncovers their terrible secret: they are werewolves with a thirst for human blood. Instead of feeling horrified, Red envies the Wolves’ freedom and power. Even as he trains to kill them- under an unlikely but cunning werewolf hunter-he has come to see them as packmates. Finally he is faced with a choice at the next full moon: take up the Wolves’ murderous ways, or take them down.

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From School Library Journal
Grade 6 Up-This is the second book in a series that melds fairy tales, myths, and legends. When readers first meet Red, he is riding to Grandma’s house in his newly refurbished red Mustang. Already, it’s clear that this is not the fairy tale they heard when they were little. Red arrives at Grandma’s, delivering some bread (money), and when he gets there, he is confronted by a member of a gang called the Wolves. Grandma has been thrown in the basement, the Wolves take her bread, and the chaos begins. Soon, Red finds out that the gang members are actually werewolves who change when the full moon rises, and he’s surprised to discover that his grandmother is a werewolf hunter, determined to eliminate them. At first, Red and his friend Marissa join forces with her, but problems arise when he infiltrates the gang to gather information and begins to feel a bond with them. Ultimately, it is his confusion about which side he is really on that could be his downfall. This installment in the series would be best for younger YAs as older teens might miss the good old-fashioned blood and guts that they look for in werewolf stories. The inclusion of a rival girl gang of vampires adds little to the story, but Red’s journey is fast paced and suspenseful.

-Kimberly L. Paone, Elizabeth Public Library, NJ
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  1. David Castle says:

    One of my all-time favorite books!

    • Shawn Gonzalez says:

      I still remember this book to this day! It melded my mind with a completely different person who experienced such thrill.

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