Film & TV


After careful consideration, the production company making the Unwind feature film, decided it would be much more effective, and have a longer life as a TV series — so Unwind is now in development for TV.  We’ll let you know when there’s new news on that front!


Neal and his son Jarrod have created a pilot for a TV series called “Cry Victory.”  — and it just sold!  More news to come!


SCYTHE script is being written for Universal.  More news as the project moves forward!


Eric Elfman and Neal are finalizing a deal for TESLA’S ATTIC as a TV Series!  More info soon!


News on  UNWIND movie/TV show coming soon!  We can’t actually talk about it until news is official.  It was going to go into production in late 2016, but plans have changed.  Everyone agrees that doing it right is more important than just doing it — so the production was held until everything comes together the way we want it to.