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I’m on Tour!

On April 17, 2015, Posted by , In News, With 2 Comments

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  1. Jeff Peluso says:

    My son listened to you speak at Maitland Middle school yesterday and was inspired to read your books and now wants to write.
    Any chance you are still in Orlando or FL? Love to get some books signed. Maybe bring Nick by to say hello. He loved the talk.

  2. jeremy hennessy says:

    I am a huge fan of the unwind book series. I even want to make a fan film of the entire series. Kind of like a tv show. I think it wou is make a great show. Or make 4 movies on for each book. Anyway, I have the 4 in the main series. And I wish you were coming to Missouri I would love to get them all signed. These are by far my favorite book series best stories yet.

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